The safety of Australia’s air travellers is at risk.

Every day across Australia, air travellers are protected by aviation firefighters, dedicated to looking after your safety.

Aviation fuel fires burn hot and fast and when a plane crashes, firefighters have just 3 minutes to reach the plane to provide passengers with the best chance of survival.

That’s why aviation firefighting requires special training and equipment, and firefighters must be stationed at airports close to runways so that they can reach a crashed plane in time.

However, Airservices Australia has cut the number of aviation firefighters protecting Australia’s airports and that means fewer firefighters to save your life when you need them most.

In response, we’ve launched the ‘3 Minutes to Live – Keep Our Skies Safe’ campaign to protect you and our community

We need your help to call on Airservices to provide the resources aviation firefighters need to keep you safe in the skies.


You can support aviation firefighters and safe air travel by signing up to our campaign.

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We call on the Federal Government to implement the eight recommendations made in the 2019 Senate Inquiry into the provision of rescue, firefighting and emergency response at Australian airports.


The campaign has been organised by the United Firefighters Union – Aviation Branch. You can find out more information here.